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Ditto on the HH Explorer UL. My 1st hammock and still one of my favs after 3 years.

Do you use the recommended ( by HH) space blanket on top of the HH pad? Doesn't seem to work for every one, but I have never had a drop of moisture on my pad. Except one of the few times I didn't use the sp.blanket.

I would love to try a DJ XL though!
I haven't slept with the space blanket yet. I set it up in my basement to see how it would be, it was very noisy... you know... crinkle, crinkle, crinkle... I haven't tried it outside yet. This weekend the boy scouts are going to camp in the snow... I may bring the DJ, but it has been getting down in the single digits at night... I figured I would try the bubble pad and the SS pad together with a wool blanket on top of my bag. . I have a 20F down bag.