I got some photos of my DIY hammock. h4_profile.jpg Here is my bottom pattern.
The top was constructed like a tarptent and mesh netting sides are about 12" at the shoulder tapering back to the foot.

I still need to install the zipper side door. It will actually be two zippers. A horizontal zipper will be installed at the base of bug netting running from shoulder to knee. And a vertical zipper will detach the head portion of the bug netting.
I have arranged the hiking poles like a cross bow. It maintains my fixed length ridgeline. But I was also kind of hoping it would help distribute the load of the horizontal spreader bar when the hammock is occupied. I am not convinced it is performing that function in the current arrangement. crossbow_poles.jpgI took the sensible advice of Grizz and slipped something inside the horizontal spreader bar/hiking pole to prevent compressive forces relying on the hiking pole's twit-tight mechanisms. Grizz said he used a wooden dowel. I used an old tent pole. Cut to 14" it weighs 1.1 ounce.

Jeff's Gear Hammock firs amazingly well as a vestibule. it would block driving winds and rain into the head end opening of the hammock, while simultaneously offering dry storage area. This enhancement requires the addition of one more mini-carabiner to hold two corners over the ridgeline.h4_headendview.jpg