Gee, thanks for the compliments; WarbonnetGuy, Dutch, HeadChange4U, Cannibal, and NCPatrick. I am glad there is some potential in this hammock that got a response from you.

As for the question from Nails; how long did it take?

Well I have been sewing for less than a month and a half. In that time I have completed 3 hammocks, and this one will make 4. I have been working on it for nearly 2 weeks. But that doesn't count all of the time I have been thinking of it. It has been one of the frequently revisited thought streams that has been swirling around in me and entertaining me for over a year.

How long to set up? -it looks complex, (but it is not really.)

This is hands-down the quickest camping hammock setup ever. Fixed ridgelength and integrated tarp simplified things. Yeah, there are 4 guylines to place, but that is effective for hammock and tarp simultaneously. I use the Bryer Microrope rods to quickly adjust my hanging points proper end length. The pad sleeve is quick and effecient. I know it sets up alot faster than my HHBP with Super Shelter.

Grizz, I hope you DO borrow a few ideas from this. In fact, that was my motivation for first posting in this forum anyway. I saw that Grizzly Adams was working on something very similar to me. And just as you have given me a couple of gems to be applied to my work, I was hoping I would have something of value to share with my fellow DIY hammock developers.

Oh, and thanks moderators for making me a full "Member" (no longer Junior).