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    Want to order cuben today, critiques of the plan?

    I got the urge to splurge. I worked some extra overtime the last couple of weeks so I can buy my the cuben and make my own tarp. The more I thought about doing this the more I like the idea of doing it myself - I love making my own gear, anyway....

    Looks like I am going to go with a 7'x9' with 16 tie outs. My prototyping work had this set up working very well with my DIY SUL hammock rig. I've attached a sketch of what I will look like. In casse you are interested.

    I plan to order 7 yards from Zpacks to make it. This should completely cover me for making the tarp with enough extras left over to make some stuff sacks. The plan is to use the 0.6oz found on this page ( that I assume is CT1K.08. I plan to use 1/2" wide 3M 9460 tape to bond the tarp parts and use the primer on it, both I plan to get from (Thanks for the tip WV).

    For the pull outs, I plan to sew 3/16" flat cord to patches of cuben, then bond that to the tarp like a sandwich. It may not be the mostest strongest way to make the pull outs like WV is working on, but I do believe it will at least be as strong (probably stronger) as what I saw on youtube from a guy making cuben tarps.

    Before I pull the trigger on this I was hoping there would be some advice from those that have messed around with cuben to shoot their $0.02 in.
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