I have used this bag for only 5 nights. I used it 2 nights last Thanksgiving at the RRG group hang, then 3 one-nighters during sub-50* weather. It has been stored in a mesh bag and hung up in my room, other than being stuffed in its sack for transport to campsites. I haven't used it enough to warrant keeping it when I have a birthday present (read: TQ) on the way.

From the stuff sack's information, it weighs 1lb 13oz, packs to about 12" x 6" (can get smaller actually), is right side zip, measures 84" x 32" and good to 30*. The color is burnt red and orange. I'll let this go for $95 shipped CONUS, prefer Paypal "gift" or personal payment is acceptable if you're anti-Paypal.