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    What me crash?!!

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyCamper View Post
    Hey Crash! Hope you didn't live up to your trail name! What's the railtrail like? Do you need a mountain bike for it?
    Mtn. bike it. A guy on a recumbent with street tires I met on the trail in the southern end. He had already did the SOBO pass. So it could be done with a street bike, just not desireable.

    I downloaded them to the Gallery but cant get them in this post. So check this below for the photos:
    Sorry about the quality - their cellphone photos.

    Trail surface is 1" gravel and they are putting down 1/4" gravel and some spots are packed dirt. Some gravel is too thick in spots.
    It was great trip. The street fair in Marlinton was a hoot.

    Happy Camper: I "crashed" @ Jack Horner's store MP45. I ran out of water 15 miles earlier and thought I could make it. WRONG. Don't drink Mtn. Dew & 1/2 pizza on a hot day and expect not to throw up & lie down. Lesson learned.

    Now I'm gonna head off & do the C&O canal path. Prob start at Harper's Ferry or Williamsport and head west. Maybe this thursday or friday.
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