Four day hike planned this Friday through Monday so I need help/advice ASAP.

I have zero experience setting up a hammock tarp.I received my new MacCat Deluxe and will be setting it up tomorrow. I've read about as much as I can and plan to go with the following:

Using 2mm Hilleberg Spectra line on ridgeline and tie-outs.

Line loop around tree fastened with an Ursa Micro Carabiner*.
At tarp ridgeline ends a Thera-Band tensioner, about 50% longer than JRB's, attached with Lark's Head.
Second Ursa Micro Carabiner between Thera-Band tensioner and line to tree.
Initial slack taken up and tensioning done with standard tent type line system using Hilleberg line runners. This should give me a couple of feet of possible adjustment at each end.

Tie outs:
Pretty much standard here. My JRB type tensioners at end of tie outs. I'll probably use the same initial tensioning set up on the lines which will allow for a large variation of line lengths for different conditions.

(I have been using a small rubber band attached at the tent (tarp) with a Lark's Head to attach the lines after I wind it up around my fingers.)

* Weight= .11oz with listed strength of almost 200 pounds.
I could be using as many as 8, but the weight will still be well under an ounce.