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    Recycling down & feather bed. (added pics)

    So I went out to my barn earlier to get a ladder. There is an upstairs loft room where I have a day bed. On that day bed a down/feather bed has been laying there for a few yrs.

    I grabbed the feather bed & brought it in the house. The tag says the quilted part is down & the bed part is waterfowl feathers.

    Are the waterfowl feathers any good for a top quilt or under quilt?
    Do they have any warmth factor when used outside?
    I know it was always nice & warm when I threw it on a floor in a cold room

    I did not rip it open yet but here's what it looks like.
    I can feel the feathers in the bed part & nice light weight down in the quilted part.
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