I took advantage of the fall sale to get an Explorer Ultralight Asym. I plan to use it with my BA Horse Thief and Air Core pad, and mostly when it's reasonably warm. I went ahead and got Snake Skins for it, while I was at it.

I'm starting this thread because I'd like advice on how to modify the stock Explorer to really get the most out of it. I read that the default binding system can be improved on: how and why? Should I swap out my tarp, and if so, why? What works when it gets cold?

Ideally, I'd like for people to post modifications of the basic Hennesy that have worked for them, and why it's worthwhile to do so. I'm going to camp with it as it is at least once, as a gear test, before doing anything to it, but I want to get the most out of using it. Any small tips and tricks about using it properly would also be great. Thanks!