Just got a hammock for my 17th birthday and I have been using it like crazy.

ENO Doublenest
Slap Straps PRO

After poking 'round the forum for about an hour, I look like a noob in comparison to you guys with all your fancy suspension systems.

I knew there must be an online community somewhere for hammock lovers and I am pretty sure I found the right place. I am usually one to jump right into conversations on forums, however I think I will hang back and learn for a couple weeks or so since I barely know anything about hammocks besides how to enjoy myself in one.

I'm thinking about finding a new suspension system that best suits my needs at this point besides just ENO's SlapStraps.

I live in Memphis by the way and I'm planning a camping trip across TN with one of my friends. We are gonna hit all the state parks and make it to the Appalachians. I figure this forum can take care of all my needs, from buying new parts and accessories for my hanging needs, to planning my trip.

Well I look forward to learning all about the art of hanging!