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    CLOSED: Katadyn Vario water filter

    I recently purchased a new Katadyn Vario water filter and have used it once on the trail. (I did flush it with tap water at home before using it for filtering).
    It worked as advertised, but I have decided I'd rather go to a gravity filter.
    I brought it home and cleaned it out (as directed in the manual) with a tap water/bleach solution, then disassembled it and dried the parts before re-assembling. There is a small brown stain on the glassfiber filter (from the bleach solution/carbon I think??????), but it appears to be cosmetic only (filter still functions fine).
    I have the zippered sack with the filter and all the accessories (cleaning kit, lube, spare O-rings, hoses) that came with the filter, but the original packaging is not included (I threw the box away).

    Asking $50. (shipped USPS Priority included) and prefer PayPal payment, but will also accept USPS money order.

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    Great deal - I have had a Vario for 3 years and love it. Pumps fast (2 liter/minute) in regular water or normal pump rate (1 liter/minute) in dirtier water. You set the pump rate based on the amount of filtration needed. I have never needed the slower setting in the Northeast or California.

    The brown stain is normal and will slowly expand. On my cartridge, it's now about 1/3 of the way up the filter. I thought it was from the water but you may be right about it being from bleach and carbon interacting.

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