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    Arrow Pinhoti Thru-Hike, Oct. 9-21, 2010

    Hiking Northbound starting at Bull Gap and finishing at Jackson Chapel Trailhead, approx. 137 miles. Taking a zero day on the 13th at Cheaha State Park. Anyone welcome, feel free to message me through this site or email me at if you would like me to send you a trip plan.

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    You will enjoy the Pinhoti if this will be your first trip. I did Pine Glen to Bull Gap about the same time last year. The fall colors will be great.

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    I thru'd in 2007. Great trail! I think you'll find that you might finish a day or two early than you think.

    There was a fire in the Dugger Wilderness recenly, but I don't know if it affected the trail or blazing.

    I do t know if I'll be in town, but if you need any assistance while on the trail, let me know, I know where every last crossing is!

    Good luck and have fun!!
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