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    Eureka Chrysalis Deconstructed.

    Companion thread to previous Chrysalis thread.
    Chrysalis' designer's site.

    Before we go anywhere, I will point out that when I purchased the Eureka Chrysalis this week (on sale though Cabelas $119+shipping), I knew that I would not be using it as packaged. For one, I do not see the utility of the tent-like top and would much rather have a tarp under which I could sit, see the world and have more rain coverage of my hanging area. Secondly, the beast comes ready to set up with a total weight of 93.3oz! And third, I suck at sewing. Plain and simple. So where I could have struggled through making a bridge hammock, or bought a JRB BMBH, modification of this little known/used beastie just seemed like fun and the easier way out.

    The specs:
    Total weight out of the box: 93.3oz
    Stuff sack: 1.5oz
    Tent/tarp top: 19.4oz
    Hammock with strap suspension and attached bars: 72.4oz

    Carabiners: heavy steel 4.3oz each
    Head end spreader: steel 3/4" diameter, 39" in 2 sections, 10.9oz total
    Foot end spreader: steel 3/4" diameter, 35" in 2 sections, 10.5oz total
    Hammock body (without suspension): 22.1oz
    Suspension (minus carabiners): 20.3oz this also includes rain caps, and attached stock bar covers.

    Width at head spreader bar: 43" (see note below in post#15)
    Width at foot spreader bar: 46"
    Width at narrowest: 28"
    Head suspension triangle length: 38"
    Foot suspension triangle side length: 36"
    Distance between spreader bars: ~68"
    Ridge line: 121"
    Length of body, top edge when folded in half: 121"
    Length of body, bottom edge when folded in half: 96"
    Capacity (per manufacturer): 225#

    Removed everything from hammock body. Cut new Quest 5/8" aluminum spreader bars to length (5.6oz and 4.8oz respectively). Attached 7/16" whoopies and Lash-it ridgeline. Added 4' tree huggers, a pair of Dutch clips, and two aluminum toggles.

    New reconstructed weight: 38.2oz. Not great in comparison to some other rigs, but at almost 1/2 the original weight, it's not too bad.

    "So how's the comfort," you ask? Well, in my short career of hammocking I have owned (in order) the Clark NA, Hennessy Expedition, ENO DN, WBBB 1.7dl, TTTM King, and a diy GE made in the fashion of the WB traveller. Of these, I still have the DIY and the others have been used to fuel the next purchase. Of these purchased hammocks, I liked the WBBB best, followed by the ENO. And although I slept OK in both the WBBB and ENO, I slept just as well in the DIY, thus that's the one I kept. Overall, I haven't found THE Hammock for me. Guess I'm picky. I have laid in the JRB BMBH once, for about 5 minutes so my bridge experience is essentially nonexistent.

    In the short bit that I have been hanging today, I would say that the Chrysalis is the most comfortable I have laid in. Definitely better than my DIY GE and the ENO. Probably better (for me) than the WBBB (though I really did like that one). I like the flat lay. Perhaps because of the wider spreader at the head I don't feel any squeeze. It does not feel tippy. There is just enough curve toward the head that I think I'd be OK without a pillow, though a small one might make it nicer. The narrower cut in the center affords a good view without needing to sit up.

    I'll have to come back to this and answer the question once I have had some more time in the Chrysalis. But so far, once the weight was shed, I'm pretty happy with it. Not using the tent-like cover, you lose any bug protection. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    Chrysalis photo album. Loaded these backwards, so start at the end for stock setup.
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