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    Dolly Sods - Sept 17-19 Hang & Backpacking Weekend - Come join the adventure!

    OK, the details on the Sept. 17-19 Dolly Sods, WV Hang and Backpacking Weekend have been finalized. See below. If you have any pre-hikes or post hikes planned, please post the details. Others may want to join you. The hike dates are Friday - Sunday. This is our first group hang in Dolly Sods. Y'all come! For anyone new to hammock camping, this is a great chance to get together with other hangers in a beautiful wilderness area, not just for camping but to test your hammock gear for backpacking with a choice of short hike or longer if that's your style. Great learning opportunity.

    See attached trail map for parking spot and Friday & Saturday night camping. (Bottom of map has directions to Dolly Sods area.) This site has more maps and info. Another interactive map of Dolly Sods here. And finally, a printable pdf high resolution trail map here.


    (Thanks to RockRat for the pictures of Friday night's campsite.)

    Friday Parking: Parking is across from the start of Black Bird Knob Trail near Red Creek Camp Ground. See attached picture of Trail Sign. Red circles on attached map shows Friday night and Sat. night campsites.

    Friday Night Campsite: Less than 1/4 mile in on Black Bird Knob Trail. There’s a picnic table in the area and plenty of hanging trees. See attached photos of area. People will need to hike in water for evening and morning breakfast. (There’s water further up the trail once you start hiking on Saturday.) The spot is close enough to the campground to use the water pump there and the outhouses. If you have special eats you want to share for Friday night, post here so we can get a good mix of shared food. 

    Saturday: From Friday night campsite heading west on Black Bird Knob Trail, there are any number of circuit hikes that can be taken to the north or south. See map. You can pretty much pick the mileage you want to do. Friday night would be a good time for people to talk about the hike they want to do on Saturday and pick hiking groups. For anyone who doesn’t want to do much mileage, it’s only 2.5 miles to Saturday night campsite if you stay on Black Bird Knob Trail.

    Saturday Night Campsite: Meet at west side of Black Bird Knob on Black Bird Knob Trail. Intersection of Blackbird Knob Trail and Red Creek. There's camping on both sides of the creek AND plenty of water. See attached map.

    Sunday – Less than 3 miles to car taking the Black Bird Knob Trail back out. So you can have a leisurely morning or get out pretty fast.

    That’s it. Hope to see you there!
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