I know I'm violating some "man-law" here, but I think the question should be asked.

How many of you received an instruction sheet or directions of any kind when you made a 'camping' hammock purchase? I say camping hammocks because most (if not all) of the Brazilian, Mayan, etc. hammocks I've ordered have had at least a basic direction sheet.

I have purchased (new - camping style) a Warbonnet, ENO Single & Double, and a Traveler UL; I got my HH used. Not a one of them came with any kind of directions; well, the HH came with a 20 minute lesson from Hammock Engineer, but otherwise none.

I'm asking this because of the TrekLight Double I received earlier this week. I'm really trying to think like a newb (more so than I already do ) while checking it out because I suspect this (and its cousins) would be a hammock that a new hanger would buy. It is inexpensive, looks good, and is widely available. One of the first things that occurred to me is how does a new hanger learn to hang; pictures!?

I know Hennessy has some pretty decent directions on their site, but suppose the hammock was a gift. Then what do you do? I guess I'm just curious if the manufacturers are even aware that the average person may not understand what seems really obvious to most of us here. Is it possible that they assume that as 'outdoorsy' folks we would just be more likely to get it? I know a lot of the manufacturers either participate in the forum or lurk in the shadows shaking their heads at some of our ideas. I'm curious as to why you wouldn't provide instructions or a note saying: "In order to learn to use your new hammock, you should visit: www.hammockforums.net". That would be fine too.

Am I way out in left field and just the unlucky consumer who didn't get the complete package on 5 separate occasions or is this a common experience? Just kind of thinking out loud on this one.