I mention that I would like to get some of the CC style buckles at http://www.onrope1.com/index.php?mod...number=d j101
but thought $8.00 shipping for just 2 buckles was too expensive, here's my offer.

Several folks chimed in and said they too would like some of the buckles. I'll take it upon myself to order and redistribute the buckles to anyone that would like to get in on the order.

Please reply to this with the number of buckles you would like, then send me a PM with your shipping address. I'll prorate the shipping charges out according to the number of buckles purchased and then add whatever is necessary for the envelope and postage to send them back out to you guys and gals. If there is only 2 to 4 buckles per envelope I should be able to tape them between some index cards and mail in a regular envelope for fairly cheap postage. At any rate it should be a lot less than $8.00 P&H per order.

As soon as I get them, I'll figure the cost and method of payment and let each of you know.