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No one watches my videos after all.....

in my hh 101 (video section or YouTube) I attach a length of paracord between the two o rings on the tarp and use a prussik knot to make that length tight. That means you can hang it in the normal standard method but it gives the effect of hanging with two ridge lines. When I get in the hammock it obviously sinks a little but the tarp stays in place because it isn't resting on the hug net, it's usually about nine inches or so above the hammock itself.

With the prussik knot on the paracord you have abit of freedom with it's height.

During bad weather this helps as well because when you peg the tarp down at more of an angle, there is still a gap along the top for ventilation!

I'll repost my video just in case:

I watched your excellent videos, TH. But until I actually have time to try it for myself, I don't see how it will solve the problems so often discussed with the stock HH tarps. Though it may well. And I'm sure it will help with some of the things you mention, like keeping more ventilation by keeping the tarp well off the hammock.

But, whenever I have used the HH stock set up, I am trying to avoid a good sized space between the hammock and tarp. I can get that space no problem when I tie to the trees. Then I have a nice tight tarp, and when I get in and it the hammock sags down, I have plenty of space above the hammock. And now I also feel quite exposed on the sides to wind blown rain. But, the tarp is about as tight and wind resistant as is possible with that tarp.

But when used in normal stock fashion, the tarp stays CLOSE to the hammock providing quite good rain coverage. When used with the SS undercover, nearly bomb proof. But then, of course, the tarp is now loose after hammock sag. Because, just like the hammock, the tarp is now closer to the ground. And no matter how tight you staked it to start with, it is now loose. So I use various tricks to help with that. Like filling empty stuff sacks with weight and hanging on the tarp side hooks ( what HH originally put those hooks there for), tarp tensioners, attaching wide and high(er) to trekking poles or branches etc. Definitely helps, but does not cure. But I have not had time yet to try your extra prussick technique.