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    Quote Originally Posted by schrochem View Post
    BGT had three testers.
    My conclusion after two-month testing

    I won't take it anywhere as my only shelter, whatever conditions I could expect. And definitely cannot view it as a "camping hammock" .
    yeah after looking at the design i just find it to be "neat idea, but poor execution and impractical for backpacking"

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    Lawson Hammock (Blue Ridge Camping Hammock)

    I've used Lawsons BRCH many times and on the AT. It not necessairly great for backcountry but it's still as light as most single person tents, plus it eliminates the need for a ground tarp. It comes with a rainfly that attaches to the hammock and bug netting. I've used all different types of hammocks and this one by far is the nicest and most comfortable. One big bonus is that it can be used on the ground as a bivy too. I highly recommend and thought it was very easy/quick to set up.

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    Eno hammock w/ENO bugnet
    DIY siltarp 6x11
    DIY under quilt

    ..I may be wrong but...

    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I was thinking about one of those, but the reviews i read on it (not sure where but it was a backpacking equipment site) suggested it was not all that easy to set up and take down - in fact the reviewer said it took as long as a tent.
    Kinda' looks to me like all a hammocker would have to do is add grommets to their hammock, insert a shock-cord pole and "bingo"! ???

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    DIY 8x10 Silnylon
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    lighter than most one person tents?

    This hammock tent is just to heavy for me.
    These are some tents, some that I have some that I don't, which have weights less than this shelter:
    Marmot Eos 1P
    Henry Shires Tarptents
    TNF Solo 12
    BA Seedhouse SL 1
    REI Quarter Dome T1
    Hubba Hubba (2 person tent) just a couple of ounces over

    Just some examples of one person (mostly) tents. I think this "hammock tent" is a neat idea, but I personally would not use it for anything but car camping. Now, some lighter construction (and lighter poles if these are fiberglass), and there could be some real potential here. I love hammocking, but weight is also an issue to me. Just some thoughts.
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    Believe it or not, I have one. I bought it directly from the company in Greensboro, NC, around 2003. It came with no straps or ropes to tie it to a tree. I believe that I have only slept in it twice. I was a total neophyte as far as hammock camping when I bought it. It just seemed like a good way to not have to sleep on the ground. A couple of months later I bought an HH Expedition. Thought it felt a little more comfortable.
    It doesn't take that long to set it up the BRCH. There are three or four little aluminum bars that hook together in an arc to hold the mosquito netting up. One goes on the head end and one at the foot end.
    What surprised me most was that when you set it up, it wants to flip upside down. Even with a sleeping bag and other equipment, it wants to flip. Never had that problem when I was in it.

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    I looked into one but did not like the tarp arrangement and testers confirmed that the tarp doesnt stay taut and water intrusion was a problem.

    I have CC LEX (my son's) and it was lighter and in my opinion, better suited for use and abuse of repeated use. I have slept in the LEX many times and its very easy to hang and comfortable. I wouldnt buy one(CC LEX ) as my sole hammock, but I like having it as part of my hammock fleet. Great car camping and winter camping hammock. Plus it can hold 3 boy scouts fooling around with no negative impact. I swapped the stock tarp with an SG diamond fly.

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