Hello All,
Just found the site a few days ago and joined yesterday.

I was drawn to this place by none other than the "Shug" and his videos.

I live on the Space Coast of Florida with my wife and 2 children (Girl 2, Boy 7 months).

Whenever I have a spare minute I enjoy getting out on my atv, doing a little shooting, camping, and hiking.

My borthers-in-law and I like to go to the Linville Gorge area for camping and hiking adventures. I actually stumbled upon Shug's Linville Gorge Series of videos and he drew me in like a fly to honey. Then I found his series for noobies!

I have been thinking of hammock camping for a couple years now (thats how long it's been since I hiked and camped).

My wife is buying me an ENO Double for my birthday in August. I figure I will use it around the house and the start modifying it from there!

I look forward to getting my hammock and Hangin around the forum learning everything I can from everyone here, hopefully I'll be able to contribute in some way!

Looking forward to it