Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I have been lurking around this forum since May (minus June) trying to learn as much as I can about hanging and am very impressed how civil/friendly everyone is. I am indebted to Medicine Man for showing me how to get started.

I am new to hammocking. I met Medicine Man last May shuttling him as he hike the AT thru MA. As a ground dweller never having been in hammock since I was a kid (57 now), Medicine Man insisted that I try out his hammock. We set it up one evening in a rest area and it was soooo comfortable it got me thinking. I was leaving the end of May to hike the AT for 5 weeks starting at Mt. Katahdin. Medicine Man offered (insisted?) that I borrow his WBBB to take on my hike. I was very reluctant because trying a new system with little chance of re-outfitting with my tent but took him up on his offer. I contacted Brandon at Warbonnet and he rushed me out a top quilt. I ended up making it as far south as Franconia Notch, NH, 373 miles and stayed in the Hammock 25 nights in all kinds of weather except snow (can't camp above timberline on Mt. Washington and missed the snow by a day). The experience has me off the ground and hanging.

M. Bird
a.k.a. Peter