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I have been looking at the different types of strap materials out there and managed to get my self confused (not hard to do) on which material is a best or bettter choice than the others to use.

Flat Nylon
Heavyweight Polypropylene
Lightweight Polypropylene
Patterned Polyester
Military flat nylon webbing
Mil spec 4088
Tubular Webbing

Is there one material that is that much better than the others, pros/cons on streach, wear, weight ect, better for certain types of hanging than others ?

What do the hammock makers like to use ?
I prefer Polypropylene webbing. Many have mentioned the sag or stretch that nylon has. Of course this will be more noticeable the more webbing you have out. Another disadvantage of nylon is that it absorbs water. So if you are backpacking you are carrying more weight after a rain. Tubular nylon is also overkill in terms of strength IMO.
I just finished a new set of tree straps made of 1 inch polypro which I got for 65 cents a yard. 3, 4, and 6 foot finished lengths with a two inch loop sewn in to each end using a 3 inch sew pattern of longitudinal stitching.