The quilt baffles run lengthwise, end to end. One end hangs a little loose in the photo, because that's the way I set it up.

The UQ is a rectangle with tieouts that attach at the asymmetrical tieouts on my Hennessey hammock. It had shock cord tied at the corners. Each shock cord assembly hooks through a mitten hook at either end of the hammock. The shock cords themselves are of doubled 1/8" shock cord that passes through the UQ's end tieout loops. The shock cords can be shortened (tightened) by the use of a cord lock. The head and foot ends can be drawn up more or less snug to the hammock bottom with the these shock cords.

In addition, the UQ is made with even smaller shock cord threaded through each end of the quilt, with a micro cord lock on both ends of each shock cord to draw it snug.

The quilt's end shock cords came with it. The end suspension is mine. I'll probably fiddle with this as time goes on.

A lot of folks don't like cuben fiber products, and I respect their choices. That's why they don't just make vanilla ice cream.

What I like is interesting, innovative equipment, that's well made. I'm fortunate enough that I can buy the equipment I want. I'm very grateful for that.

I'm retired and have some physical problems that make me appreciate light equipment and backpacks that are easier on my back and knees. If we can't have fun, what's the point of all this?