Unable to wait until my day off to try out my new HH I decided to try it out in the back yard. I had built a playground out back for my son a few years ago and without going into details, I tied one end of the hammock to his wooden swingset and the other end was tied to a stand-alone 4x4 wooden fence post. Well, my 6 yr old was dying to try it out so I let him in first and he loved it (and now wants one of his own!) and then he wanted daddy to try it. So, I slid the huggers up a little higher because of the sag, went in through the bottom, sat down, and immediately fell victim to the laws of physics and ended up on my back with the 4x4 post laying on top of me! I layed there for a minute trying to contain my laughter, lifted the post off of me and crawled out thankful that the only witness to this was me and my son!

While it was a "fun" experience I think I'll wait until my day off this Friday and head out to the woods and find some nice sturdy trees!