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    Cool first home made hammock

    Crossed over to the dark side.... I built my hammock body out of 210 nylon and it's tarp from 1.9 oz coated ripstop(seam sealed). My final weight is 2.9#s a lot more than I anticipated. I tested it out on a section hike of the AT for 5d 4nights in Nth Ga. I an pleasantly supprised at how much I enjoy hammock camping. We sufferd throught a troppical depression and cold wet nights(upper 40s) so I think its safe to say Ive tested it out.

    In the first pic you can see how my tarp is always attatched and that is also how I pack it in the stuff sac, only with the hammock inside the tarp like a snake skin. It feeds out real easy in the rain and nothing but the tarp gets wet. My hammock also hangs from the tarp guy line and the hammock is tied just short of its lenght so it always hangs at the same pitch. I played around with it until I found the pitch comfy to me.

    I also set up the tarp with 1.5" of extra lenght at the head so it can be pulled down to block out wind or rain blown in. you can kind of see this in the 3rd pic...

    Since I am new to all of this I would like to her your thoughts on my set up and any pros or cons I should try to work out.
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