This Saturday myself and a buddy are going to be taking off in our kayaks around 7:30pm and will paddle until we see a good spot to hand before dark. We are going to camp then keep paddling on Sunday morning.

We are putting in near South Lebanon:
Lat: 3921'47.07"N
Long: 8410'34.06"W

We are not sure where we are taking out but I suspect it will be around Kelly Nature Preserve in Miamiville:
Lat: 3912'38.61"N
Long: 8417'36.59"W

Take a peek at this map:!1441

On the left hand side of that map you will see a link that is "LMR - Morgan's Take Out" which is right below "LMR -36.0" for easy finding. "LMR - Morgan's Take Out" is where we are going to put in if we can park overnight nearby. The probable takeout point is linked as "LMR 17.7".

If you are interested let me know and we can make more solid plans.