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    Gotcha'. Thanks Jsaults.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jsaults View Post
    The classic, dangerous form of failure is when in a climbing application a load is applied outwards to the gate, usually causing the notch to distort/shear or the pins to break and allowing a rope to pop out of the carabiner.

    For hammock purposes it would probably be limited to a distortion of the gate/body interface causing the gate to bind or sieze. Even in the case of such a failure as long as there was tension on the suspension straps you would likely not hit the ground.

    As Deer Man noted, such a failure is extremely serious when life safety (climbing, arborist, fall protection) is involved.

    We are on the other end of the spectrum, as evidenced by how small and light Dutch Clips are. Of course, if you are hanging on a cliff or in a tree then it would be prudent to leave the Dutch Clips behind. ANd include a harness!

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    Deer Man, you make a solid point that has bothered me since I stumbled on this great site. I use climbing beaners in the configuration of A and B since I see no practical way for me to use C (even though as you point out, C is the correct loading format.)

    And just as valid as your point, so are the points of others who state that the loads from A and B are slight when using the suspension system this way. I recently switched from gated beaners to 23 Nano's because they fit in my carry bag easier. But, honestly, I do feel safer with the gated Attache ones using the A and B systems.

    Great thread.


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