I'm new to this whole hammock area, but I earn my living as a professional chemist making silicone products for personal care and textile applications. That being said, I would still never consider trying to waterproof ripstop nylon myself as an effective way of achieving desired results. Lightweight 1st quality silnylon is totally worth the price of admission. My customers apply 800 - 3000 psi between rollers in the process of impregnated nylon and it's light and very consistent. Perfect in general. The better silicone can be two part and catalyzed during the process to crosslink and form a very durable bond. I love this forum and do not say this to discourage anyone from trying and succeeding in their efforts to do anything themselves. I just think the exposure to the solvents and not a good idea for most people. I say that from nearly a lifetime of working with this stuff and this application of solvents are very dangerous and should be discouraged unless you like taking risks with your lungs, liver and and fire.