Hey guys quick question, if it was covered in the previous 41 (yes 41) pages I apologize for not searching in depth for it.

I'm planning on a DIY "warbonnett with doors" style, I'd like to do it right the first time, not several versions. I'd like to get black 1.1 material and coat it with black silicone. However, doing so without guidance/advice would be a waste of money. A few questions present themselves, thought I'd get y'alls input.

1. Has anyone coated with NON clear silicone with success?
2. If so, was the mixing ratio 1:4 the same?
3. Is this a stupid idea and should I drop it?

Now that I'm thinking of it, if ones goal is provide shade and prevent unwanted radiant heat UNDER a tarp, could one use black caulk on the bottom side and grey/silver on top? Assuming the first coat (gray/silver) of silicone soaks into the fabric in it's entire thickness, is it possible to coat it with black on the bottom on application number 2 on the opposite side?

The sun gets crazy brutal here in the sumer, just throwin' it out there...