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    SOLD:BushcraftUk Ventile Jacket (XL) FSOT

    I recently bought a BushcraftUk Ventile Jacket (XL size) from Bardster on the BritishBlades/ BushcraftUK forums. It arrived today and I am completely satisfied with it except for the size. It is an XL and I really want a Medium.

    It's a BCUK Jacket (link) such as are those sold by that forum for 175. For those who don't know, Ventile is a premium natural fibre waterproof material (a very densely woven cotton) that is breathable, but doesn't rustle like synthetics and is a lot more fire-resistant than Gore-tex. The result is a very comfortable jacket for early fall or as a shell over wool or fleece in the winter.

    This particular jacket is in excellent condition with almost no sign of wear. The quality of materials and construction is phenomenal, with rubberised zip seams, soft and warm pockets, etc.

    In fact it is so good that my preference is for a straight trade into a medium sized BCUK ventile jacket of roughly the same condition. Otherwise, I will sell it on and buy another of the same in Medium.

    I am also open to offers of trades/ part trades/ cash offers. I am looking for a decent ventile smock or a Jetboil PCS/ Jetboil GCS. I am also looking for a Mosquito Hammock Jungle Hammock or Bivi, or a Tropical or Ultralight Jungle Hammock, with a preference for their camo pattern.

    The jacket cost me 160 (including 10 worth of insured postage.) Offers should match or come close to that.

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    Also looking for a big Hex cat tarp for my HH Hyperlight Asym.

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    Sorry, forgot to say it's gone. Remained in my hands for less than 24h.

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