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    Quote Originally Posted by Iafte View Post
    I picked up these laminated knot tying sheets from Bass pro shops. They are mostly for fishing so I can teach my sons, I think I'll pull them out and see what knots they have on them. I'm slowly working them into being able to do everything themselves when we go hiking, They are able to hang their hammocks with no help now. Now to get their mother to stop packing a cooler with food or a large gym bag of cloths when we go.

    BTW, great info here.
    Might I suggest a good book on knots with a 2-3 foot length of rope as a gift for christmas or there birthdays. Most children if they are interested in the outdoors would love the gift. And it gives them an opportunity durring the winter to come running to dad saying look what I did, or can you help me get this knot I'm having trouble with it. Might also emphasize the really important knots like hogan8rs top ten. Just a suggestion.

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    Tautline Hitch Variation

    A variation on the tautline hitch is the adjustable grip hitch. I find that it slips less and is easy to untie.

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