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    New River vs. XL New River

    I have HH UL Backpacker&Expedition, plus ENO Double and Single.

    I appreciate the current thread about ENOs and New River. Seem to be compatible. Couple questions for Paul and others:

    The Potomac is made for the HH, but as I own ENOs also, would the New River work for all of the above?

    I am thinking the XL New River might be nice, esp for the ENO Double Nest. I think the length is same as NEw River Regular (or Long?) and the width is 8 inches that it? Please give lengths for New River Reg, versus Long, versus XL New River.

    Some mention the sag away from Hammock in middle of UQ and cold air, and Paul has given some feedback on that issue (an issue with all UQ's). Would the wider XL New River have a more exaggerated sag issue, or less? Seems like it might hit about the same on the sides, but have more sag on the bottom (under the hammock)?

    Real dumb question: are the Triangle thingies made for keeping the UQ up in the middle if one has such an issue? EDIT 7/30: Paul has answered this question in the current thread on Triangle Thingies, so thanks for that. Although Hangout's photos are good, I am looking forward to the video from Paul.

    Any help would be appreciated before I place an order. Autumn is coming (or so I'm told) Thanks. CK1
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