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    Stupid Noob Q: Which Rain Fly Side Goes Up?

    I just bough my first hammock rain fly from Grand Trunk and there are no instructions.

    It is a siliconized rain fly (ripstop nylon I think). One side is shiny one is not. But both have eyelets for suspending it from an overhead line.

    I'm guessing the silicone is the shiny coating (which I would guess would go up - facing the rain), but it's on the side with the "exposed" seam stitching (which I would guess should point down - away from the rain). Does anyone have a good guess which side should point up?

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance...

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    The only stupid question is one that is not asked. The seam side goes down. Welcome to the forums.

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    Thank you very much!

    I took it on its inaugural run this past weekend. No rain but I hung the siliconized/seam side down anyway.

    The good news was this was a Grand Trunk "Air Bivy Extreme Shelter" with a me in a 32 degree down bag (very compressible!) and a simple air-core sleeping pad. Temps got down into the high thirties and I was quite warm and snug.

    My first experience backpacking in a hammock was a big success! I am now researching how to better insulate for temperatures that can dip towards (or just below) freezing. Thank you all HammockForum users for your help and knowledge!

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