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    mayan hammock string tension

    After wearing out 2 nice cotton hammocks bought 30 years ago in the Yucatan, we are trying out a nylon one that we bought on that trip but never used.
    It seems like the string tension is all off. The center of the hammock is tight while the strings supporting the sides are loose. So you feel like you have this rigid support under your back, and nothing keeping you from tumbling out.
    I grabbed up a bunch of lines on either side and threw in a slip knot held in place with a short stick and that helps somewhat.
    Anyone else ever had this problem? Was the hammock just poorly made and we really should have hung it up and tried it when we were at the market?
    Would appreciate any ideas.

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    How wide is the hammock?

    Have you tried laying in it diagonally? Head to one corner, feet to the opposing corner..
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    having the center of the hammock slightly tighter can allow for what some people think is a more comfortable diagonal lay. ive tried it but prefer even whipping
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    mayan hammock string tension

    Thanks for the quick response.

    There are 116 loops coming down on each end. I think I had asked for "una matrimonia" when I bought it, It easily stretches out to 7 or 8 feet in width.

    Yeah, it is better lying down diagonally after my gerryrigging (no pun intended) of the outer loops. But still tight under the butt and a certain lack of head support.

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