Claytor has apparently refused to send me a refund and instead he sent me another hammock. I told him in three seprate emails that I did not want another hammock because I had already ordered another Clark. He stopped responding to my emails after the first request for a refund. Now I have two Claytor Jungle hammocks that I don't want and I'm out the $150 I paid him. I hope to recover it by selling the hammocks in the 4 sale section here or on ebay - but that in itself is a hassle.

I'm not sure if he thinks he is being honorable by sending me another hammock or what. All I know is that if I buy something that is advertise with "full refund if not satisfied" and then the merchant refuses to give a refund and instead offers me another of the thing I am unsatisfied with, then I'm still unsatisfied - twice.

If you are not familiar with the Claytor Jungle Hammock and think you might want to return it if you find it unsatisfactory, then you should ask Claytor for the return information BEFORE you send him any money. After he has your money he won't give you those instructions and will instead send you another hammock. I wonder if I keep sending him requests for a refund if he will keep sending me hammocks - by the end of the year I'll have a warehouse full.