(I couldn't find a forum for Over-quilts so I'm using this one since it seems the closest)

I am going from a sleeping bag in my hammock to an over-quilt. However I have concerns about the width of the quilt.

Right now I'm using an Old Rag Mtn as the underquilt and was expecting to buy anotehr one (the long version) as an overquilt as well. But then I tried sleeping with it over me in my bed to see how warm it was. I turned off the heat and opened my bedroom windows.

While it was very warm, the problem was, it didn't seem wide enough. I would get cold around the edges. It's only 48 inches wide, like most JRB quilts.

Does anyone who uses the 48" width JRB quilts in Hennessey Hammocks feel that they wish they had a wider quilt? Or does the curvature of the quilt minimize this problem in a way that flat mattress cannot? Because now I am thinking of getting something larger like the 61" wide JRB Katahdin. Only I get the feeling that would HUGE inside a hammock.

I would test this myself but will not have a chance to in my hammock before I leave for long-weekend hiking trip in Vermont. I can always take my sleeping bag but I would like to take a quilt.

I'm a normal sized guy. 6 feet tall, 160 pounds.