I have a DJ(long) and I love it. The fabric is very soft and doesn't make the noise that some other fabrics make when you move around in it. The reflective pad works amazingly well. I used it this past winter - reflective pad between the layers with a zero degree sleeping bag - & was comfortable at 15 degrees (F). Now my buddies with Explorers have bought the same material at Lowes & use it in their hammocks.
Hung this spring with a shorter CCF pad with great success. Don't remember exact temperatures; maybe around 50.
I just came back from a 4 night trip with lows in the mid 60's. Left the reflective pad at home & just used my 40 degree sleeping bag (was a little more than I needed). GREAT nights!
I stuck with the stock/diamond tarp and have never been wet. Alot of people get a larger tarp and suspend it separatly (which is good), but I kept the original to save weight. I keep it connected to the hammock suspension, so when the hammock goes down, so does the tarp. Tarp stays close to the hammock so you don't need more tarp to maintain coverage.