Hello all! I've been backpacking(and gear collecting) for the past 9 years now and getting a good nights sleep has been a challenge. While I recently discovered having a good pillow/head support was a big part of that, I think hammocking will help too..........i hope

The one thing i'm really fighting is the possible slight weight increase from my current shelter setup(Antigravitygear O2 tent and 3/4 ridgerest pad) but i think a few more ounces should be well worth a good nights sleep. My goal is to try and it and get established before next September when i will hopefully head back out to the Sierras for my 3rd time.(Just completed the High Sierra Trail this past september) I'll be beside myself if I can sleep like a baby while in the middle of some of the most beautiful country on earth.

My planned setup is as follows:
GT Ultralight
Warbonnet bugnet
10'x6' sil-nylon tarp from Etowah Outfitters

I gotta keep to a strict budget as I just don't think I could explain to my wife as it is how I'm gonna be buying yet more gear!

My biggest confusion and dilemna is with the suspension system Geez! I feel like I need to be a scientist to understand all of it. What ever happened to K.I.S.S.(keep it simple stupid)?!?!?! I'll keep searching and watching video but until then feel free to try and help make it simple for me.