Well, I spent my first night in the Orca - Low in my So Cal suburb last night was 62F. As the weather has warmed lately, I have been sleeping in a jacket, my 30 degree bag as a TQ to about chest high, and a small pad under my feet (no UQ.) Last night was so much more comfortable as I ditched the jacket and pad, and slept in just a sleeveless tee and crop pants under the bag.

The Orca was plenty warm. In fact, I needed to vent when I first got in as I had been moving around setting up. But once I settled in, I was fine for the rest of the night. Mac has produced a great product - no real fiddle factor to speak of.

As one would expect, there was no hint of cold anywhere covered by the Orca. Now I can hardly wait for Fall for the temps to start dropping!