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    Walmart's travel hammock? the Equip

    I ran across this on the walmart website. i was wondering though if anyone had experience with these? if its comparable to an ENO at $20 thats one heck of a steal, esp for those that are tentative about hammocking and want to try it cheaply.

    i was thinking lose the suspension. about 30 ft of 7/64" amsteel (whoopies, chain links and ASR), descender rings, ratchet straps = ~$35 respectable starter hammock
    Item Description

    The Equip 1 Person Travel Hammock brings portable comfort alive. This nylon fabric is water resistant so you can ensure that on any relaxing afternoon this hammock will keep you safe and dry. This hammock, which folds into an 8" x 3 x 5" bag, is great for a number of occasions, and the compact size makes it practical to bring to any event. The hanging kit lets you set this hammock up in minutes; all you need to do is find two trees.

    * Hanging kit included
    * Water resistant nylon fabric
    * Nylon rope included
    * Triple stitched weight bearing points
    * Steel links with locks included
    * Open size: 9' 8" x 4' 9"
    * Closed size: 7.9" x 3.9" x 5.5" attached bag
    * Total product weight: 1.5lbs
    * Weight capacity: 400lbs
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