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    NuB question: regulating heat with UQ

    So when using a UQ do you regulate heat retention by how snugly the UQ fits up against the bottom of the hammock? What's the best way to regulate?

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    A number of ways can be utilized to regulate your "heat". Removing or venting your topquilt is a fast and simple way to adjust.
    Sliding your uq off to the side is another. My uq has channels on each side, which the shockcord suspension travels thru. This design allows the uq to easily be slid toward one end or the other, if needed.
    If you suspend the uq loosely, then the weather turns cold, you'll have to exit the hammock and readjust the uq. Not a good option in the middle of the night.
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    I use a Crowsnest 3/4 UQ ... and you can see a dramatic difference in it by how snug the edges are to the hang. When I adjust it correctly and the top is right my neck ... properly sealed against the hammock ... it's very warm ... slide it up a bit where the top edge is loose and you immediately feel the area that opens up being cooler.

    If it just gets too warm ... or it's too warm when going to bed ... having the UQ to the side and ready to deploy solves that issue. Wake up cold ... just reach around and pop it under you and you're good to go without getting out of bed!

    You have to have the suspension and the tension cords adjusted to your lay for any UQ to perform as designed.

    One can shake the down to the center and off the edges if not over stuffed for some adjustment too.

    A little time spent on Shug's video's where he talks about insulation will help if you've got any confusion on the particulars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgustaf249 View Post
    So when using a UQ do you regulate heat retention by how snugly the UQ fits up against the bottom of the hammock? What's the best way to regulate?

    As you get your gear and start testing it (can you hang in your backyard??), you'll start noticing all the little things that add up to being either cold or hot. Regulating your temps is an ongoing process. Now if the weatherman could absolutely garantee that when he says it's gonna be such and such temps.... but he can't. So you learn to work with your sleep system (again an ongoing learning process).

    Besides your quilts fitted properly for the "expected" weather, what you eat and drink can also effect how warm or cold you end up sleeping. You can have your hammock set up perfect with the perfect under quilt and perfect top quilt and still sleep cold if you go to bed hungry.

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