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    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! And thank you Rapt for the great information on fabrics - very helpful. After reading some advice in other forums I took a little trip to Walmart last night and found some beautiful forest/pine green ripstop nylon in the $1 section. I grabbed all 6.75 yards of it up. Sadly it's only 48" wide, a bit short methinks for a hammock, but there's still plenty of other uses I can find for it. I'm almost certain it's DWR. I tried blowing through it and barely felt any breath coming through. I also did the water test over night and this morning about half of the water had found its way through the fabric into the bottle. This fabric seems really light - is there any way to determine if it is 1.1, or 1.9 without being able to weigh it?

    I do have another question. Is polyester a good material for a hammock body? Last night I had also found some 60" OD green polyester in the dollar area and considered getting it too, but wanted to hold off until I knew I could put it to use somehow.

    Thanks again for the help and I look forward to an exciting future of more DIY projects!
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