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Thread: Uses of Tyvek

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    Uses of Tyvek

    I was reading through the tyvek articles and have several questions:

    is it a good use for an underquilt?
    if I used it for the outside of a (synthetic) underquilt, would I also need a weather shield (assuming I would for a dwr/uncoated underquilt)?
    would it make a good tarp?
    how can I remove the logo from it?
    what version would be best to get?

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    It's meant to be breathable but impermeable with good tear resistance. So:

    (1) Yes
    (2) No
    (3) OK, depends on if it's too stretchy

    Also, I seem to remember that these things burn and stick like napalm. Bear that in mind when you're near the campfire or if you smoke.

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    Oh and you want type 14 for water shedding tarps and quilt covers and 16 for the inside.

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    To articulate what ZDP said, in my personal experiences:

    1) Underquilt - it blocks the wind nicely and works great once you wash it once or twice to make it quieter.

    2) I think you're better off using some lightweight DWR fabric rather than tyvek for an underquilt...its not much more money and would provide for a nicer product in the end.

    3) While it is relatively waterproof when it is brand new, it likes to wear out a bit/get "fuzzy" when it is used in an aggressive manner, i.e. camping and not being stapled to the side of a house. Again, you're better off using some cheap either PU coated nylon or more expensive silnylon for a tarp. My best advice is some from Home Depot or Lowes or grab some from a contractor and give it some backyard testing! Just be forwarned that it will wear over time, to an extent much greater than similar fabrics. Use its availability, price and ease of use (in constructing tarps) to your advantage, then move up to some fabric when you get comfortable.

    4) The best way to get rid of the logo is to put that side face down. I think people have tried to dye it in the past, with limited success.

    5) I have always used the standard "HomeWrap", as I used to use it for ground cloths and such, and it never let me down in this regard.

    Hope this helps a bit


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    I happen to have a 42" x 92" piece of Tyvek which I purchased along with a TarpTent Rainbow a while back. The Tyvek was for borderline winter use under the TT, but I always thought that it would work well under my new Speer between it and the Peapod. I shouldn't need to cut it, just fold in the extra near the ends where it's too wide. The full piece weighs under 6oz.

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    I made a response that might be of interest on the Tyvek Article discussion thread.

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