Well I have stumbeled on a trip that I cant pass up and need a trap ASAP and dont have time to have MacCat made by OES and really planned on buying one first of next month and would have been able to wait but now this has come up and I need to buy one quick like next week. Does anyone have one for sale or would be willing to sell there's and get a new one. I would normally just order mine but from what I have heard it takes some time for him to make them.
I would like to buy a MacCat deluxe if at all possible if it's in good shape I will pay what OES wants for a new one for a used one if it is in good shape.

I wish this would have come up towards the end of novermber instead of now. I may have to just go to gander mountain and get a plan tarp.
But I thought I would ask first.