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    SOLD - Eureka Chrysalis - modified

    I bought a Eureka Chrysalis on sale (from Cabela's) recently and replaced the factory suspension with lighter weight suspension & spreader bars (AE's chain links/cinch buckles & web tree straps, amsteel ridgeline, Quest brand aluminum spreader bars). My total investment (not counting labor) is about $205.00 as it now is. Basically the same as factory production (hammock, top cover, & stuff sack), but with lightweight suspension. The total weight now is 4# on my scales, which should be within 1oz of certified scales.

    I don't like the feel of a bridge type hammock, and my son has had some condensation on the tarp when he sleeps in it (oddly, I didn't have that problem, so it may be related to humidity levels - it was lower humidity when I slept in it.)
    The hammock has been slept in 3 times (once by me, and twice by my son) total and has no tears or rips that I know of (and I have looked it over well).

    Asking $125.00 shipped USPS Priority (CONUS) and prefer PayPal payment.

    Pic of hammock hung (the one on the right) as we camped last night -

    SOLD!!!!!!!!! - thanks for your interest!!!!!!
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