Hey guys, im relatively new here (and LOVING it!) so go easy =)
I was just about to pull the trigger on a purchase id being waiting a while for, a WBBB 1.1 DBL, dutch buckles, webbing and whoopies and a MacCat Standard or deluxe tarp (not sure of size yet ) which would come to around 1Kg or a little over 2 lbs.... Then i saw this thread, and i wasn't so keen all of a sudden to rush into the WBBB, im sure it would be great hammock but this setup looks to be shaping up.
As for the hammock's bug protection I would 100% need to be protected from bugs not so much because the bugs are on hormones but more so because everywhere i hike usually has some bugs that would annoy the crap out of you and/or give you some nasty ross river/ dengue.
My question is this, could the bug protection be provided by a sewn in bug mesh that one of the cottage guys could do with a zipper or drawcord entrance?

Or has anyone tried using no bug protection before rather wearing socks, pants shirt balaclava, soaking the hammock in permethrin and putting deet on?