Hello everyone. Great site. I wish I had stumbled onto this site before I bought my HH Expedition Asym. While a good quality comfortable hanger, I have some complaints and after a couple trips ending up in the back of my truck I'm looking for something different. I'm only 5'9'' but come in at a wide 250lbs with major back surgery a few years ago (some restriction in movement/flexibility), no young spring chicken, have to pee 1 or more times a night (depending on fluid consumption ), and am claustrophobic, hate mummy bags or confinement on any part of my body especially my feet.

I can't stand; the bottom entrance, makes UQ virtually impossible. It also makes setting up interior sleeping arrangement a frustrating exercise in futility.
I don't like; no zippered netting or side entrance. I like options & the ability to act quickly if you know what I mean.
I do like; quality, sleeps wide & airy, lightweight & packs small, easy set up & take down especially with snakeskins, once in & settled very comfortable (until later when it cools down, then it's miserable ).

After more research & combing this forum I am looking at;
1. Adding the HH insulation system $130. This keeps the bottom entrance & no side zipper issues but I think I can live with that as long as I'm not forced to find alternative accommodations at 2am. I can always have someone sew a zipper system in later which cures the remainder of my complaints on the HH but increases the already high cost.
2. Buy a Warbonnet "Blackbird" DL 1.7oz $175. Only $45 dollars + cost of UQ (padding is cheap) more than choice 1. & I can sell my HH to cover some of the loss. WB seems to be the most recommended outside of the Clark but it's too pricey. I know the WB has side pulls & a semi Isometric ability to open it up some but how much more confining does it feel than the HH? That could be a deal breaker since I know the HH is airy & roomy enough for me.
3. Mosquito "Jungle" $150. Best priced dbl layer system, I like the cammo look, has good reviews. It appears to be cocoon-ish/confining though due to no side pullouts??? As stated I hate being confined so this is probably a no go.

Any comments/suggestions appreciated. I don't have the opportunity to try anything before purchase unless someone on the forum lives in my neck of the woods and is willing to swap for a few days. Kinda flying blind here and am not keen on the prospect of spending even more money with no real improvements.