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    Talking VIDEO: The Dutch Biner

    At great personal risk ... one doesn't want to make Dutch angry ... I present for your video entertainment ... a brief review of the Dutch Biner!

    Yes the latest innovation to Hammock Suspension from the mind of Dutch! The Dutch man is known the world over as the greatest hiker ... ever ... and the father of the Dutch Clip.

    I've really enjoyed the back and forth on HF ... yes silliness for sure ... on the introduction of the Dutch Biner. But here it finally is for your review. Mini or Micro Biner on acid ... that's the new Dutch Biner. A light but extremely strong Amsteel to Amsteel connecting device that ... actually can be used on webbing. How do you rig it ... well I'll show you one way as told to me by Dutch himself ... but there are other ways to use this little gem. As more of the community get these ... I'm sure we'll see more ways to use this bad boy. It's just so dang neat!

    I actually love this little device. No it's not a replacement for the Dutch Clip and can be used in conjunction with the DC if you wish. The DB is going to be one of those pieces of kit you'll probably own more than one set of ... but definitely all the "cool kids" will give them a try!

    Dutch ... thanks for the chance to try these out ... and yeah I'm going to get in line to order another set or two ... lots of options for something this small, this light and this strong!

    Oh ... and again ... those of you with an adversion to silly ... ya might wanna skip the intro to the video. Wouldn't want you to have a bad day!

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