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Man that is GREAT. Anything to make hiking life more fun and enjoyable. Thanks for the great equipment. See good things come in small packages.
Thank you! Yeah I'm all for that!

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Nice work Dutch and HawkEye.

ummm, hawk, you looked better with the bag on!
Yeah ... I get that alot!

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great video. great product. great fun! congrats to you both!
Thanks ... the DB is going to be another hit from the metal works of the Dutch!

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HAHAHAHA the first Min was the best...thats funny
Great video hawk-eye
Why thank ya sir ... glad you enjoyed! I think the neighbor lady has recovered from what she saw that night!

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+1 on where are they.....I mean we have had all this hype and no where to put in credit card numbers....
It's coming ... keep looking for Dutch's announcement!

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Well at least he escaped his captures lol great demo Hawk-eye
Glad you enjoyed it!

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So how did you get away?

Were you nervous your friends might not get you out of that trunk during filming, or was that a stunt-double in the trunk?
You never quite get "away" from "the Dutch"!!!!

Good thing about newer vehicle trunks ... they got that glow in the dark trunk release!
No stunt doubles ... poor man's production company