I gotta reiterate what has been stated earlier in this thread: those Hawkeye videos are super funny and waaay out there. That introduction is superb. Hawk, you’re skilled with humor and with filming and editing. I’m enjoying your videos. You, Shug and Grizz really ought to make the first true DVD—you know, from a real DVD company, sell it on Amazon, that sort of thing—about hammocking.

Hey, I’m new to this ‘mocking thing, and I gotta say--and the Dutch Biner is the latest example--you all sure can find dozens of ways to skin a cat, eh? I’m a paddler/kayaker, and I thought we obsessed about the mundane, having lengthy forum threads on drip rings—the rubber drip rings on a paddle! But the number of methods you guys think of to suspend a hammock—well, that about takes the cake. (in Shug’s case, a red velvet cake, to be specific).

Dutch Biners. Dutch Clips. Nacrabiners. Carabiners. Minicarabiners. Malin Spikes. Whoopie Slings. Garda Hitch. Tri-glides. Closed loops. Prussik knots. etc. etc. etc. I’m getting a headache!