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It is the same color as the material used by Green Therapy for his rain coat. I held it close to a mirror an breathed throug it and the mirror became fogged so I think it is breathable. Just wish it were ripstop.
if it is the same fabric it is a LOT harder to rip than any ripstop that I have. I think it is a polyerster blend of some sort as water does not saturate the fabric as it does nylon. During testing when we forced water through the fabric by making a pouch as described earlier and twisting it to force the water through the fabric itself was still dry. We just wiped the surface mositure with a towel and it was dry to the touch with no risidual moisture ramaining in the fabric. A couple of days ago my son in law made a hoody pullover shirt for trying out in light drizzle. with the breathable feature it should be good when traveling with a pack to allow perspiation to escape.

He also found some more in grey at wal mart a couple of days ago that is the same stuff. I bought 60 feet of the green when I found it, and he bought 80 feet of the grey. both are 60 inches wide. we are hoping to make more hiking apparal out or it.